Long Tip Micro USB Cable 80cm

Long Tip Micro USB Cable 80cm

Black micro USB cable extra long tip (80cm)

XL size (8mm) is Great for thick cases/covers, where a normal micro usb end isnt long enough


Samsung J8 J7 J6 J5 J4 J3 J2 J1
Samsung S6 S4 S3 S2 S SIII SII
Samsung S4 Mini, S3 Mini
Samsung J8 SM-J810
Samsung J7 Prime SM-G610
Samsung J7 Core SM-J701
Samsung J6 SM-J600
Samsung J6+ SM-J610
Samsung J4 SM-J400
Samsung J4+ SM-J415
Samsung J1 J100 J105 J106 J110 J111 J120
Samsung J2 J200 J210 J220 J230 J250 J260 G532
Samsung J3 J300 J310 J311 J320 J327 J330, J337
Samsung J4 J400 J401 J410 J415
Samsung J5 J500 J510 J520 J530 G570
Samsung J6 J600 J610
Samsung J7 J700 J701 J710 J720 G610 G611 G615
Samsung J8 J800 J810
Samsung A6 SM-A600
Samsung A6+ SM-A605
Samsung A7 SM-A750
Samsung SM-G130 Young 2 Duos
Samsung SM-G310 SM-G310 Galaxy Ace Style
Samsung SM-G313 Ace 4 LTE, NXT, Lite, Trend 2, V
Samsung SM-G318 Ace 4 Neo Trend 2 Lite
Samsung SM-G350 Star Advance
Samsung SM-G355 Core 2
Samsung SM-G357 Ace Style Lite
Samsung SM-G357 Galaxy Ace 4
Samsung SM-G360 Core Prime/Prevail Lite
Samsung SM-G386 Core/Avant
Samsung SM-G388 Xcover3
Samsung SM-G390 Xcover4
Samsung SM-G530 Grand Prime
Samsung SM-G531 Galaxy Grand Prime
Samsung SM-G600 On7
Samsung SM-G610 J7 Prime / On Nxt
Samsung SM-G710 Grand 2
Samsung SM-G720 Grand Max
Samsung SM-G730 S3 Mini
Blackview BV6000
Google N7, Nexus 7
HTC U250
Huawei P10 lite, P10Lite
Nook 1st edition, Nook Color
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, 5A, 5, Mi 5s, Mi A1,
Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A2 Lite

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